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Nightflyer is Rick Hayes' band that recently released their self-titled debut CD on the Kang Records label. The CD was recorded in it's entirety at Hayes Productions recording studio, and all graphics created there as well.
Nightflyer's lead singer and guitarist Richard Propps, consistently receives rave reviews on his powerful and often awe-inspiring vocals and excellent guitar playing. Superb mandolinist and occasional lead vocalist Rick Hayes, spent four years touring nationally with the Gibson Brothers, and recived a coveted Highlight Review from Bluegrass Unlimited on his solo CD. Tony Kakaris is the rock solid heartbeat of Nightflyer on the standup bass, lending baritone as well as lead vocals to the group. Tim Jackson adds spice to the mix with his fiery dobro performances, and an occasional baritone. Rounding out the sound is Ronnie Stewart, contributing killer banjo, and sweet lyrical tenor and lead vocals. Each individual is outstanding on their own, but this is truly a band that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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